COVID-19 Food Safety

We at Supa Fresh have always taken food safety seriously, and never more so than during the current pandemic. It is important to note that COVID-19 is not a foodborne illness, and the disease causes respiratory rather than gastrointestinal symptoms. According to the FDA, the virus cannot be transmitted through foodborne exposure. Nevertheless, we have developed extensive sanitation protocols to put in place during this outbreak. As part of “the essential critical workforce”, we believe it is our responsibility to keep our staff, volunteers, and customers as safe and healthy as possible. By following stringent safety measures from field to farm stand, we can continue to provide the community with fresh, high-quality produce. The following document details both our established and expanded sanitation protocols put in place during the current outbreak. We welcome questions and comments about these safety procedures. Please contact us at

For more detailed information about COVID-19 food safety concerns, please visit the FDA website:

Read our full food safety plan here.